New York’s worst architect makes Rampage-style buildings

If you live in New York, you’ve probably seen the drab, boxy condo designs of Karl Fischer, the man hailed throughout the city as the most boring architect in existence. The New York Post just ran a short profile on Fischer, who after delivering quotes such as, “Even though many people say they recognize my style of architecture…personally, I don’t feel like I have one,” and, “I enjoyed geometric shapes,” comes off as an architect who is not being terrible on purpose, and is perfectly fine having the legacy of a man who designs squares that hold people and will not collapse, which is probably a challenge in and of itself.

There’s also the question of how he keeps finding work in such an aesthetically-minded town at New York if he were truly a bad architect, but we can’t deny that his designs look a LOT like the same boxy, grey buildings that have been populating the landscape of games for eternity. Check the screen shot from Rampage as a comparison:

-Drew Millard

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