New Zealand parties play politics, literally.

With plenty of time to campaign before the November election, New Zealand opposition parties have taken to using computer games as a way to communicate their platforms to young voters. The Green Party reappropriated Tetris to warn against lignite coal mining, while the Labour Party took a decidely more tongue-and-cheek approach to economic policy: 

The Labour Party game, launched online yesterday are given options such as “getting busy” with Princess Leia or watching Labour MP Trevor Mallard and National MP Tau Henare slug it out. The alternative is “Let’s not”. All roads lead to a question about state-owned assets and a warning that voters have another choice to make – on November 26.

It’s no surprise that politicians are using popular media to attract more voters. But the question is: do these games promote open discussion, or partisan propaganda? 

Lana Polansky

Image by Steven Thomas. Check out more of his stuff here