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Picky Pop (Windows, Mac, iOS)


Some videogames are lambasted for their ostensible purposelessness. “Time wasters” is the term usually attributed to them by their critics. Picky Pop would certainly feel the insult as one of the most fun, recent time wasters. It is a tile-based puzzle game that tasks you with beating your own high score and little more. Where’s the glory in that? But it’s this type of game that makes the drudgery and duller moments in life bearable. When there is nothing to look forward to or any grand task to keep you occupied, you can pick up Picky Pop and get poppin’. It invites you in, asks you to pluck numbered tiles from its little paws, jig to its playful music, and chase a new high score. It’s a game for all the people stuck in 9 to 5 jobs they’d rather not be doing, or for those in between jobs, or for anyone waiting for a bus. There’s no harm in Picky Pop; it is here to rescue us from the lacunae of modern living.

Perfect for: Loiterers, puzzle addicts, 9-to-5ers

Playtime: Five minutes a pop

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