NHL 2012 includes playable female characters

Well, sort of. The newest installation in EA Sports’ long-running NHL series now offers the ability to, when creating a playable character, to give your avatar a female face.

The change— a first for EA Sports— comes at the behest of Lexi Peters, a 14 year-old from Buffalo, New York who wrote the sports gaming powerhouse in protest.

NHL video game creators have decided to introduce female characters in the game, after they received a letter which opened their eyes regarding the needs of their clients. One girl from Buffalo, New York, Lexi Peters, who, at 14 years old, is a fan of the video game, became frustrated of the fact that when playing with her brother, she could not create a female player, to better impersonate herself.

So, a small victory for gaming, but a giant leap for gaming-kind. NHL 2012 dropped September 13th, and besides for being able to create a female avatar, it should be basically the same game as NHL 2011. Not that, as our review of NCAA Football ‘12 points out, that’s necessarily a bad thing.

-Drew Millard

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