A quaint game about raising a family… in the nuclear apocalypse

Sheltered, a cool-looking management sim on Kickstarter, has all the down-to-earth trials and tribulations of daily family life. You provide food and shelter for your loved ones, repair home appliances, make a quick run to the store, take care of the pets, and, uh, defend your fallout bunker from the ambush of post-nuclear war vagabonds. We’ve all been through that, right? 

There sure does seem to be an abundance of games about people going through hard times of late. This one gives me a Papers, Please meets Jason Rohrer’s The Castle Doctrine vibe—maybe there’s a hint of Oregon Trail in there as well. It looks to be one of those games that keeps putting demands on you until you screw up and your 8-bit son or daughter pays the price. But look on the bright side. It’s one less mouth to feed.