Nina Freeman’s game based on her mom’s childhood comes out in January

Nina Freeman has announced that her next game, called Kimmy, will be out on January 6th 2017. It will be part of the Humble Monthly Bundle and so the price of the subscription you’ll get Kimmy and some other games. That’s something to look forward to in the new year, then.

As Freeman revealed to us before, Kimmy is based on her mom’s experience growing up and babysitting around urban Massachusetts in the 1960s. Specifically, it’s based on her mom’s recount of a certain summer that involved playing lots of street games, as well as babysitting a kid with “kind of a weird family situation.” The game itself reflects all this as it has you playing a babysitter called Dana who is looking after the titular Kimmy, helping her make friends with the other kids in the neighborhood. “You collect trinkets to play street games, and learn more and more about Kimmy as summer passes by,” reads the description.

based on her mom’s experience growing up

While Kimmy is based on Freeman’s mom’s experiences, she did tell us that she has in some part drawn on her own life. “I’m mostly drawing on my own experience as I write the character dialogue,” Freeman told us. “The player spends a lot of time getting to know the other kids in the neighborhood, learning about their lives, and having these little conversations with them. Some of that draws on my personal experience, and conversations I remember having as a kid, and kids I remember meeting.”

Freeman is, of course, used to drawing from her own experiences for her games. It’s how she came up with the ideas for her previous games: the exploration of sex in how do you Do It?; the sexual assault of Freshman Year; and the online relationship of Cibele. Freeman has brought back previous collaborator Laura Knetzger for Kimmy, this time as both artist and co-writer.

“It’s especially exciting to have her as my co-writer, because her writing work in her comics is really great,” Freeman told us previously. “She also made this game I really like called Don’t Go In The Old Greene House, and the writing in that made me think she’d be a super good writer to collaborate with.”

To see how the collab worked out this time around you’ll have to wait until January 6th to get your hands on Kimmy.

Find out more about Kimmy on its website.