Nolan Bushnell wants you to go out and play.

Atari founder Nolan Bushnell has kept on the cutting edge. This weekend he’ll be speaking at the 2011 Maker Faire, a wild showcase of avant-garde contraptions by inventors and designers. And he wants Forbes writer Brian Caulfield, and the rest of us, to put down the controller and find unusual kinds of brainfood: 

What you want to do is if you can combine exercise, physical movement, mental agility, mental problem solving, you absolutey create neuro-genesis… you create dendrites, more pathways, better brain functions. You constantly have to do be doing different things. Playing bridge every weekend doesn’t cut it. It works for the first few weekends… youv’e got to move from bridge to chess to Parcheesi to chopping wood. – reinventing yourself every year, every two years is massively important.

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Lana Polansky