Finally, a playground where parents can play and kids can watch.

Because it does seem a little redundant to workout on machines indoors, more and more playgrounds for adults—which is just a more exiciting way to say outdoor gym—are appearing across the country, according to The New York Times. It remains uncertain from the pictures whether the adults have engaged in any red rover as of now. 

The goal is to lure people off their couches and into the outdoors with specially designed playground equipment — in grown-up shades like forest green and beige — that recall the joy of childhood play while tightening up flabby abs, thighs and triceps.

Though there are no swings or slides — these are essentially outdoor gyms — such playgrounds not only have the look of traditional children’s play spaces, but they are also built in some cases by the same manufacturers.

The adult playground concept is borrowed from China and parts of Europe, where outdoor fitness areas for adults have become as routine as high-fiber diets or vitamin D supplements in preventive care, particularly for older people.