Capcom is hiring a 100 developers a year, so there’s hope for Resident Evil 7 yet

The ongoing saga of Capcom’s fickle business model continues, as the giant Japanese publisher plans to bulk its in-house talent by hiring a staggering extra 100 people in software development a year, at least until they come up with a likely far-worse idea. 

This should give them a sizable army to make next-gen games, or overthrow the government if they so choose, says CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto in a letter to investors, which seems to be the source of all relevant Capcom news of late. 

This is a swing in strategy from the company’s massive outsourcing initiative of years past, when they were headstrong about partnering with smaller studios from around the globe to make new games with their properties. Apparently, they weren’t happy with the results, as that path yielding subpar games like the deplorable Dark Void, the much maligned emo-goth Dante of DMC, and the stupid humor of the Dead Rising sequels, which you either love or hate. 

Meanwhile Capcom’s recent in-house undertakings haven’t been a disaster. Although Resident Evil 6 is universally agreed-upon as meh, the sleeper Dragon’s Dogma has quietly built a strong reputation in the West. Also, their upcoming homespun Darksoulslike Deep Down looks ace. Let’s hope the added manpower helps Capcom get back on the rails they slipped off of when Japan was pronounced dead as far as game development goes.