Now seems like a good time to rewatch that 8-bit Twin Peaks intro

You’ve never been so happy to see a Bewick’s Wren. Today it was revealed  that David Lynch and Mark Frost will be writing and directing a new Twin Peaks miniseries for Showtime, which provides the perfect excuse for, say, the entire internet to reminisce about the cult classic. This demake of the show’s famous opening credits sequence is a damn fine start. Of all the series’ legendary imagery—Bob appearing in the mirror, a handful of creamed corn, a unicorn in a living room—that opening shot of a smokestack fading into a bird, accompanied by Julee Cruise’s haunting “Falling,” may be the most powerful. This charming de-make by Portland duo Filthy Frackers is surprisingly faithful (if a hint too quick, but what are you gonna do).

Now maybe someone will legitimize the decades-old Nintendo Power rumor of an NES counterpart to the series as well? Of course you could always stick to the Atari 2600.