Now you can play reality in third-person perspective, too

Because real-life needs third-person perspective too, Polish software modders Mepi have created this strange, perspective-shifting Oculus Rift mod, which allows you to view the world from an over-the-shoulder view (and keep tabs on your bald spot to boot). 

Possibly the most cumbersome wearable technology ever, all you need to recreate the effect of moving around in a game like Skyrim or Bayonetta at the park or shopping mall is a laptop stuffed in a backpack, a VR headset, and a long pole attached to a video camera erected from your spine. I’m guessing wearing this will get you escorted from the premises of, like, most public places. 

But the premise of how VR can reengineer our visual perspective is as fascinating as ever, as we’ve seen with gender-swapping experiments, VR shamanism, and projecting images of your own body into 3D space. The third-person mod even has thumbsticks for swinging around the camera for a side view, which makes my head feel like it’s splitting in two just thinking about it.