Now you can play the Zelda series in sequential order. Kind of.

That is, if you are Schrodinger’s cat. While the Zelda-verse has widely been speculated on, a new art book officially published by Nintendo, and translated by Kotaku, confirms that the series indeed branches into parallel universes sometime during, or soon after, the events in Ocarina of Time.

At that point, the series breaks off into three worlds: One containing the NES classic, another containing Twilight Princess, and the other, Wind Waker.

Now we need this to happen: a Zelda equivalent to Metal Gear Solid 4, where every loose end is tied up in an epic, 2 hour long cut-scene, ending with the revelation that Link is the avatar of Shigeru Miyamoto, who is being held prisoner by yakuza, and made to travel through people’s memories via an Assassin’s Creed style device.


-Jason Johnson