Occupy Wall Street needs a Bowser Revolution.

It’s that time of year again! Occupy Wall Street is back and over 300 protestors were ousted from an attempt to take Union Square Park. As a refresher, OWS was the loose, decentralized organization that claimed Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan for several months, sparking protests around the world. The groups demands ranged from addressing student debt, campaign finance reform, and accountability for banks among other commercial causes.

OWS would be happy to learn that the cause finds an unwitting ally in the form of Mario’s chief villain Bowser. I’m a fan of the Mario Party franchise and while your main competition is each other in your race for stars, there’s an unusual form of equitable income distribution called the Bowser Revolution that puts some of the ideals of fairness and equity into practice (albeit in a completely comical and metaphorical sense).

See the Revolution in action below:


[Via Slate]