Oklahoma church lobby brings TRON and spirituality together

If we told you someone put on a public TRON: Legacy display, you might assume we were referring to some kind of convention. Or maybe something cobbled together in some obsessive fan’s basement. But would you ever guess something like this would take place in a church lobby? 

LifeChurch.tv’s northwest campus in Warr Acres, OK has done just that. Every July, campus pastor Brian Bruss hosts an “At the Movies” sermon series (last year the theme was Toy Story 3) which combines pop culture and Scripture. How successful has this series been? Well, during a season of typically low attendance, more people have been flooding in to check out the cinematic sermons: 

Bruss said summer time is traditionally a season when church attendance dwindles because of school break and family vacations. However, the movie series has gained such popularity that his LifeChurch.tv campus and others generally see attendance increase during that time. The series continues through worship services Saturday and Sunday and July 23-24.

The idea for a TRON-themed display came from host team pastor Jason Robison, a big fan of both the original film and the sequel. Robison’s plan was to transform the church lobby into the film’s iconic game grid, complete with Light Cycles. If the video above is any indication, we think it’s fair to say they’ve done a pretty darn convincing job. 

Lana Polansky