One-handed Xbox 360 controller mod has the upper hand.

If you’re not familiar with Able Gamers, you should be. A non-profit and affiliated gaming site for those of us who love games but are facing different challeneges via disability, AG has been a loud advocate for ensuring that all games are accessible for all of us. One of the big challenges, of course, is controllers which are designed for people with, well, two hands. This, of course, prevents those with only one arm to play the games they love.

Tinkerer extraordinaire Ben Heck has devised an ingenious solution for the Xbox 360 — a one-handed controller (above). You can see more about how Heck devised the mod on his site, but it also points to how communities can make life better for everyone else through kludges like this one. I look forward to more efforts like this!

[via Ben Heck]