One man alone accounts for .25 percent of the achievement points earned on the 360

When Microsoft introduced achievement points for the Xbox 360, it awoke in their audience an unrealized fervor for points. But a few years ago players stopped salivating when they realized that plowing through Avatar for 1000 points did nothing for them aside from earning them bragging rights. 

Well, except for this guy. Yesterday evening, at the Xbox One launch event, Microsoft gave props to Ray Cox, a crazy person who decided to try to eclipse the one million mark with his “gamer score.” Unfortunately, he just missed the mark, topping out at an astounding 950,000. Let that sink in. This means that one man alone accounts for .25 percent of the total achievement points earned on the 360 in its lifetime.

This is a sign of obsession pushed to the max. If you do the math, that means this guy has perfected 950 titles—or more!—since you receive less points for Arcade titles. To thank him, Microsoft gave Cox an Xbox One, and free Xbox Live for life, making this the lone instance where achievement points have amounted to anything of value in real-life. This sounds like a reward program with the steepest reward price ever. What do you think?