One of our favorite games of 2011, Bastion, storms onto iPad.

One of the more frustrating pieces of recommending games to friends is the not-so-stunning realization that not everyone has every major game console, tablet, and so forth on the market. So when a game like Bastion strolls along, telling friends about it is not nearly enough. You want them to play it. Fortunately, the developer Supergiant took a lovely multi-platform approach, porting Bastion to nearly platform under the sun including the wasteland that is Chrome Web Store. Now it’s coming to iPad and you can rejoice.

Our outgoing managing editor Ryan Kuo wrote of the game:

Bastion itself wishes to persist, as a living artwork that may be revisited forever. So it makes a bold maneuver so ingeniously simple that it reads like a punch line. How do you give a game a voice? You give it a voice. The Kid allows you to embody that voice—or its memory, or its imagination—whose awareness of the world intermingles vine-like with your own.

Strong stuff indeed.