Other things you could buy with the $1300 Razer wants for its "Pro" gaming tablet

Yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show, Razer announced the specifications for its gaming tablet, “Edge.” (No article; U2 string section be damned.) The “Pro” “Edge” will cost $1300 dollars (the base model will run you one G). Here are some things you could buy with that money, if you choose not to buy the “Pro” “Edge”.

  • Two 32GB Ipads with Retina display.
  • Four Ipad Minis.
  • Five PlayStation 3s.
  • Seven Nintendo 3DSs.
  • A tricked-out Alienware M14X gaming laptop.
  • A used 1997 Saturn SC 1 with 140,000 miles on the odometer. 
  • A six night stay for two, plus airfare, at the Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort and Spa in the Dominican Republic (at CheapCaribbean.com)
  • A vintage Rolex Oyster SS 29mm (at Rolexandtutor.com)
  • Chef’s tasting menu for three at Per Se restaurant, plus wine and gratuity.