Our favorite game about global financial hegemony finally goes for the big time

In September we told you about Neocolonialism, the Catan-style computer game in which players try to become global financial hegemons. The game, we wrote, works as follows:

To gain control over the world economy, players snap up regional sovereign bonds, which in the game’s shorthand, give their owner votes in that region’s parliament. The more votes the player has, the more they can influence policies that drive up the value of their bonds. To win the game, players have to liquidate their bonds into Swiss Bank Money; whoever has the most of it at the end of a game of Neocolonialism, wins. You don’t even have to disclose tax returns.

Seth Alter, the game’s creator, has now launched a Kickstarter with a $10,000 goal to do the game up proper. Now sporting a globe-upside-down logo and the tagline “ruin everything”, the game is, according to Alter,

about ruining the entire world via unchecked capitalism. This is a game of tense negotiation, staggering sociopathy, and sarcasm. This is a game of world conquest without any armies or war–you never own any piece of land, but you will become a powerful influence throughout the globe.

This is one worth supporting, unless Alter has some nefarious plans to move the seed money into Swiss bank accounts. Wait a minute!