Our favorite games on sale this Black Friday

The above image is either a scene from The Last of Us or from a Target earlier today. We’re not really sure. So we don’t blame you if you stayed snuggled in bed on Black Friday, avoiding the riots at your local electronics department. If you braved the cold and the inhumanity, more power to you. But for less motivated spendthrifts, there are still deals on games that we love to be had from the comfy of your fireplace. Here are our favorites. 

The Last of Us – $34.99 

Unexpectedly touching for a game about zombies, The Last of Us is dank and hopeless, but also uplifting. Its sound guru Phil Kovats told us, “There needed to be moments of hope and of horror, accomplishment and loss.” Perfect for Black Friday.

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Papers, Please – $4.99

This one might put a damper on your holiday spirit, but you can buy it on sale now, and play it Sunday evening, when you’re dreading going back to work. Look at it this way: at least your job isn’t as bad as a morally-conflicted immigration officer’s in the Caucasus. 

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Cards Against Humanity – $30.00

Cards Against Humanity actually went up five dollars for Black Friday instead of offering a discount, which gives you an idea of what to expect from this hilarious, misanthropic card game.

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Gunpoint – $3.39

In our review of this visually-stunning, side-scrolling, stealth game, Stephanie Carmichael wrote, “Guns are not the point. It’s clever: in the midst of America’s firearms obsession, Francis creates a game about them that facilitates and encourages better solutions than shooting.” 

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The Dream Machine – £4.99

Stop-motion and surrealism are cobbled together in this creepy point-and-click adventure about moving into a new house and stumbling upon a portal to the beyond.

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