Overland names new artistic director for their somber survival title

Earlier this year, Adam Saltsman, creator of Canabalt and collaborator on many others like Hundredsannounced that he would be starting a new project called Overland. It would be under the auspices of Finji, a studio he started with his wife in Austin, Texas. 

While details are sparse about Overland, he’s describing it as “a board game where you move some figurines of civilians and monsters around a chessboard full of rubble” and would mark a welcome, moodier turn from Saltsman previous work. Now that concept has an artist in the form of Heather Penn, who was tapped yesterday as an art director. 

Penn was previously at UCLA Game Lab and worked on Classroom Aquatic. Originally conceived by developer Sunken Places as part of Oculus VR’s 2013 game jam, Classroom Aquatic casts you as the lone human exchange student at a school for hyper-intelligent dolphins. When faced with a pop quiz on such eclectic topics as Neoplasticism, Proust and ancient Egyptian statuary, cheating is your only recourse, but you’ll have to evade, distract and manipulate your teacher and classmates to get away with it. It is based on a true story.

Overland does not have a release date, just concept art so far.