Find peace by gardening the harmonious landscapes of Barmark

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Barmark (Android

BY Stormhatt Studios

The characters in Barmark are all damaged in some way. You can see this as they wander the rigidly-cut pastoral landscapes guided by your finger. They are searching for harmony (which is believed to have healing properties), and to find it, you need to help them shape the environment to a pleasing arrangement. To this end, you can plant trees and flowers, but the idea is to seek out hidden ancient machines that can enact dramatic changes on the quiet forests, snowy hills, and stony banks. On each playthrough, two Archanimals will be chosen at random that ask for specific changes, but you don’t have to listen to them. There is no death, no right and wrong, as Barmark is intended only for you “to achieve harmony and personal perfection.”

Perfect for: Explorers, gardeners,  idealists

Playtime: As long as it takes to heal