Particle Clicker teaches us the power of science (and mouse clicks)

Particle Clicker is a compulsively playable game about researching and discovering the wonders of particle physics. Don’t know a thing about particle physics? Well, you’ve picked the perfect game to try.

Inspired by Cookie Clicker’s mechanic, Particle Clicker turns mouse clicks into research, as each click increases research, which then increases reputation, which increases money and so on until you have a distinguished team of researchers determined to discover the wonders of CP symmetry and t leptons.

If, while playing, you realize you have no clue what a t lepton or beauty quark is, fear not! Embedded into each particle is a brief history lesson about its discovery and importance. So you’re learning about particles while you’re researching particles! All things, much like the game, come full circle.

Check out the beta and put a little more physics into your day.