A game about the difficulty of getting people to leave a house party

Knowing how to leave a party is an important life skill. This does not get enough attention. Plenty of angst and instruction and practice goes into mastering the entry: when to arrive; what opening line to use; what to bring. As for the exit, well, you’ll figure that out when the time comes—just feel the room. Everyone will probably be sloshed by then anyhow.

That system tends not to work and, consequently, most parties stumble across the finish line like a marathoner who ran the opening mile at full speed. People stick around too long; they fall asleep; they pass out. Pity the poor host who has to deal with this mishegas. Pity every host, for that matter.


Party Pooper, a new web game from London’s Animade, empowers a fictional host to do whatever it takes to clear their home. Sure, the narrative stakes are tilted in the homeowner’s favor—they didn’t even plan the party and came home to find a bunch of revelers in their kitchen. The situation is nevertheless relatable; at the point where you’re trying to end a party, everyone feels like a home invader.

make the guests miserable enough to leave

Party Pooper gives you more options than the average host. The kitchen is strewn with objects that you can—and will—use to make the guests miserable enough to leave. Everyone has a weakness. You can find out what it is by clicking on them. One guest is sensitive to noise, so you pop some balloons. Another is sensitive to temperature, so you smash a window with a hammer. Clearing your house involves considerable collateral damage, but Party Pooper acknowledges that it might be worth it to find some peace and quiet.

There is a competitive aspect to this game. It is a race. The faster you clear out the guests, the better. This is a game of speed and skill. Yes, I said skill. Clearing a party is a skill, and one that should be taken seriously. Party Pooper doesn’t really teach you how to take anything seriously, but hopefully it is a first step in that direction.

You can play Party Pooper right here.