Passion Pit’s "Take a Walk" evolves into cinematic wonderland in new Soundplay game.

It’s here! The last game from our Soundplay project with Pitchfork and Intel comes to life this week. Built by Aussie developer Pachinko Pictures, it’s a simple tale of beetle that dreams to be a frog that dreams to be a chicken that dreams to be… You get the idea. Play it here!

More on the team:

Pachinko Pictures is a boutique indie studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Founded in 2010 by Bafta-award winning British expats Ian Gouldstone and David Surman, the studio lovingly crafts games and animation. Over the past decade Gouldstone and Surman have established a name in indie games culture, having a hand in the curation and organization of major festivals and events, including GameCity, Freeplay, and most recently the Game Masters exhibition at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. 

For the production of Take A Walk Pachinko Pictures collaborated with super producer Dewi Tanner and Unity code wizards Scott Ashton and Tom Brophy, aka Ashton Brophy.