Past Enemies is short on bullets but full of mysteries.

As part of the recent 7DFPS jam, game designer Eddie Cameron began development on a project called Past Enemies. Chris Donlan wrote about it recently, comparing the gaming experience to reading Fitzgerald’s unfinished novel, The Last Tycoon. 

It’s a typical story, really. You awaken in a row boat filled with money and something that could be a passport, and you look up to see a wobbly island paradise spread before you, painted an eternal near-dusk blue. Then you discover you’ve got a single bullet in your gun and no idea who to use it on. Past Enemies is a demo, in other words  – a slice of a larger game with many things absent and undecided. This makes it wonderfully interesting to investigate, however, because you’re not only exploring the geometry, but the current state of the design, too.

[via Edge]