Pau Gasol will catch all of your Pokémon

Last week, Deadspin detailed the online travails of Adria Gasol, the youngest of the budding basketball dynasty Gasol family. Marc’s older brother Pau is an NBA all-star who just crossed the 15,000 point mark (joining other foreign-born pros like Hakeem Olajuwon and Steve Nash). Adria’s other older brother is Marc Gasol who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies and it was Marc who was the subject of a Reddit thread about his time at UCLA.

Long story short, Adria weighs in, talks about his life as a walk-on, and then drops this gem about Pokémon Yellow.

– – –

That’s right. Pau Gasol will beat your videogames for you if you leave them on your bedside table with a glass of warm milk