PAUSE: Capturing the world of Ikea through a child and an Xbox.

Amy Lombard is a Brooklyn-based photographer who’s started a new Kickstarter project to document the life of people who shop at Ikea. The above boy and his Xbox are recent captures:

To elaborate a little more on the project – As a photographer, I am not necessarily interested in staging reality so to speak. Instead, what I am interested in is someone else’s idea of a staged reality. This very thought brought me to the highly constructed rooms that replicate the consumers “ideal home” in IKEA. Everything within the space is meticulously planned, and items are intentionally placed to create a certain effect. This simulation of the home not only sells the product, but most importantly, lends itself to the idea of selling a possible life.

These rooms are built for the sole purpose of interaction; what I am interested in photographically are these interactions.

-Jamin Warren

[via Kickstarter]