BLEEP BLOOP: Check out this chiptunes synthesizer made with arcade console buttons.

Where does 8-bit music come from, and where does it go? Known scientifically as monophonic square-waves, the audio synthesizers of the NES and Gameboy have been channeled into a new, custom-built instrument called Pianocade built by Canadian tinkerer Jonathan Guberman. Guberman had already created the Automatypewriter text-adventure typewriter, the Pactuator clockwork Pac-man, and the interactive Portal turret plushie. Now, there’s the Pianocade.

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The 8-bit synthesizer is laid out like a piano keyboard, and features the charming, concave buttons usually found on arcade consoles. Pianocade comes in two sizes, a one-octave or two-octave model, which are available for pre-order through the Pianocade website. He would’ve done a Kickstarter but alas they don’t allow foreign projects. Canuckstarter, anyone?