PAUSE: Ron Paul: The Videogame. Yes, this is actually happening.


The chances of a Ron Paul-led GOP ticket come this election season may be slim, but that doesn’t mean the cantankerous libertarian doesn’t have to stop fighting! Kickstarter has once again helped foment the burgeoning indie game seen (and, I suppose, the libertarian revolution) with this new Mario-style platformer:

There’s a level for each of the fifty states—and “13 Boss Fights – representing each of the 13 branches of the Federal Reserve.” Paul collects gold coins along the way, of course. My favorite part of this video is when the developer promises that the video game will be done in two months, which, by my calculations, puts us in June. Genius! This is exactly when Ron Paul will reach the height of his popularity.

Keep fighting the good fight, Ron. Maybe someday, after defeating the final boss, you’ll finally be able to say, “We are all Austrians now.”

[via Slog]