Photos from urban exploration at foreclosed Neverland Ranch are as bizarre as you’d think

Neverland Ranch was closed by authorities in 2006 after Michael Jackson, who was lying low in Bahrain after being cleared of molestation charges, failed to pay employees. A few years later it went into foreclosure. In the process, the pop star’s private Disneyland degenerated into a ghost town of an estate. 

So of course a team of four urban explorers broke in, took pictures, and drank Jackson’s grape soda. VICE interviewed them, with firsthand accounts and photos of all the strange things you’d expect to see lying around when breaking and entering in Michael Jackson’s house, such as eight-foot-tall oil paintings of the King of Pop.

And, wow, are these photographs gawk-worthy, like the one below of an art piece showing Michael leading a parade of children through a Wizard of Oz-style fairyland. 

Be sure to head over to Vice to see them all. 

Image via Vice