Pippin Barr wants you to feel the pain for a longer Duration

The game maker Pippin Barr once wrote a fantastic article for us on his experience playing Painstation, a modification of the classic game Pong, which whips you, burns you, and/or shocks you when you miss. That should give you an idea of the type of games he makes. That’s the type of game Durations is, at least so far, sans the physical pain. 

The point is his games are unfairly, brutally hard, seeming to relish in your inevitable disappointment. I’m not sure whether this is satire or trolling, but I can’t help but to give them a whirl. Durations is a sequence of mini-games developed as part of a collaboration with the Marina Abramovic Institute. One mini-game is being made available per week, and I must say that after the first week it’s living up to my soul-crushing expectations. The first little game, One Second Typing Tutor, is literally impossible. But don’t be discouraged. You can always look forward to One Hour To Write A Novella, coming in two weeks. 

Be soberingly-crushed by Durations here