Play of the Day: 100 Floors will make you tap, spin, shake, anything to open those damn elevator doors.

100 Floors is a simple iOS game in the spirit of room escape games. Each screen of the game gives you an elevator door and some situation. Your job is to figure out how to open the elevator’s doors and get to the next level. The levels make good use practically all of the device’s various input methods and some of the solutions can be really difficult to glean from the limited clues on screen. This can be frustrating as the puzzles may seem like they’re just based on chance, but there’s almost always some hint somewhere that will point you in the right direction.

Since the game doesn’t have any introduction of “How to Play,” it doesn’t define the rules and that’s because there are basically no rules in the game. Anything is possible and anything might be the solution. Many solutions are fairly intuitive, or would be in the physical world. The digital medium means that we interact with the objects onscreen differently, assuming their limitations and constraints exist within their world rather than ours. Once you experience some solutions and can’t discover others, you’ll be trying everything to expand the boundaries of the rules again and figure out what makes this floor different. 

You can download the game for yourself here.