Play of the Day: Epic sax swinging in Epic Sax Game

Kill Screen contributor, comics artist, academic, and high-concept game maker Pippin Barr debuts a new game today. It’s called Epic Sax Game and it’s a glorious feat of keyboard jamming, Guitar Hero spoofage, paint-by-MIDI, and Eurovision homage. Check out this video (at your own risk) to see/hear the inspiration for ESG‘s riff-splosion.

As with much of Barr’s work, the thing I like about Epic Sax Game is that it isn’t overloaded by meaningful rules—it conveys meaning through conceptual rigor and a certain openness that allows for (if not requires) naive experimentation. In this case, you’re supposed to reproduce the epic sax tune, but you don’t have to. You’re free to jam to the song if you want, and somehow, it never stops being epic and mostly in-tune. Music games, pay attention!