Play of the Day: Starve your bourgeois appetite with Table For One.

Somewhere between the cruel irony of being too uncoordinated to eat the $30 New York Strip on your table and the haunted subjectivity of Ann Hamilton’s pin-hole mouth camera is the browser-game Table for One. Built in Unity and free on your browser, Table for One has one objective—to telekinetically guide food in to your mouth—and no discernible reward. When you fail—and you will—the game itself laughs at your failure and filthy eating habits: dropping steak all over the floor, spilling your drink, pushing away your giant peas. Hint: Keep your eye on the food. 

Built by North of Earth at 7DFPS game jam, the game is just one of a ton of jammy first person “shooters” that were built in 7 days. 

Below, the first mouth shooter: Ann Hamilton’s mouth looking out. 

Other reference points: the nauseating dinner scene in Monte Python’s The Meaning of Life, or the scene in Magical Mystery Tour where John is shoveling spaghetti onto Ringo’s mom’s plate.

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