Play of the Day: Your social network — now as a living, pulsating organism.

Ok, so maybe this isn’t a game per se, but after taking a peek at Bloom’s Biologic at SXSWi this year, I thought it’d merit a mention. In a panel on “The Contemplative Power of Play” featuring ngmoco’s Justin Hall and thatgamecompany’s Robin Hunicke, Ben Ceverny discussed how games can help as get at complexity:”

Toys are made of data. There’s one major discourse right now and that’s data visualization and that’s about rpesentation of the data. But there’s not one about how one can work with it. We’re made of toys that are made of data that you can play with to undestand the data.

Enter Biologic which reconceives your social network as a living, breathing organism. Each cell in your “creature” is a living person and the newest posts from Facebook, Twitter, etc. jockeys for a position in the middle. You poke an organelle and it shows where it came from — the video, tweet, or post that was responsible for its being. Check it out here.