Play Fruit Ninja in the Arcade, Win Tickets, Buy Useless Junk

Next time you find yourself at a Dave & Buster’s (or something like it), keep your eyes open for a mammoth-sized version of Fruit Ninja. The arcade setup contains all of the same touch-screen fruit-killing you might expect from Fruit Ninja, but it doesn’t come without its limitations: 

The touch screen is no iPad, and that means that it just wasn’t that smooth or responsive to your touch. The screen itself burns your finger after using it for a couple of games, and the game just isn’t refined for a bigger screen. If you play with your whole hand you never get any combos, because there is the same scoring as the iOS version. You need to use one finger for combos, but then your finger stutters along because the screen is grimy, and practically the antithesis of the iPad.

Of course what really matters is that the game can be played for tickets that can be traded in for spider-rings and Silly Putty. 

-Richard Clark

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