Play God with interactive Portals project.

LA-based designer Jayne Vidheecharoen has developed a really fascinating Kickstarter proposal to allow you recreate the Hand of God in a digital environment.  She writes:

More specifically, my Portals will consist of a pair of boxes. Each box has a screen on the front and a gateway on the side where you can reach in with your hand. Through the magic of green screen your hand instantly appears to be in the virtual real-world of Google Streetview. And since you and your objects are now in this parallel world, real-world rules can be broken. For instance, a regular object from the real world could appear animated in this virtual one. These boxes are also connected to the internet which means you could share the space with other people. Here’s some videos of where the current prototype is at right now (you can check out my thesis blog for more information too).

Check her Kickstarter project here

-Josiah Harrist

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