PLAY THIS: A Japanese interactive music video turns a single tweet into an epic journey.

Japanese indie-pop outfit Androp have had quite a digital presence recently with their latest music video for their song, “Bell,” which also happens to be a video game. While video game music videos are not particularly new, this one actually imparts a worthy message regarding the nature of digital versus personal communication. Even better are the really pretty illustrations.

Before starting, a message box appears with the convenient option to tie in your 80 characters to Twitter. Then it’s off to the game, where your message transforms into an animal as you race across a landscape, dodging obstacles that of course correlate with the song. In the “Concept” section, the band more or less explains the meaning behind the game:

These days communications are established so fast & easy, thanks to technologies such as mobile phone, email, Twitter, etc. But is there somethings [sic] that’s getting lost in this type of fast communication? That’s what we thought it would be interesting, if we can instead extend that moment of communication, and create an entertainment about the journey of delivering a message.

Although the primary theme may be a little hazy in execution, we still think that this is a good way to spend five minutes. 

– Lyndsey Edelman