Play this twisted RPG where you knock off your party members one by one

Normally, RPGs are about building a party. You start off with, say, a country bumpkin whose destiny is to align seven crystals and save the world from ruin, but first you’ll need to recruit a ragtag group of warriors, white witches, black witches, pink witches, ninjas, robber-barons, bear-wrestlers, and a lecherous old rake who just tags along to coquet with the anime girls.

It’s about time someone changed all that. Sacrifice, a perfectly charming and slightly sadistic Flash game, turns this age-old RPG convention completely around. Here’s how it works: You start off with a party full of the types you might find at a midnight screening of The Hobbit, and one by one, choose who to sacrifice for the good of everyone. It’s kind of like the caucuses, only not as messy, and more fun. 

You can play Sacrifice here.