Playing the game that makes you feel like you’re on mushrooms while you’re on mushrooms

Here at Kill Screen, we’re in favor of expanding your consciousness legally, through the great works of the Western canon, rigorous and intellectually generous debate, really spicy food and the occasional runner’s high. Justin Amirkhani, a former Kill Screen intern, decided to take this process a step further, into don’t-try-this-at-home territory, by playing Shawn McGrath’s acid trip of a music-shooter Dyad, while high as a stoned kite on magic mushrooms.

Also, Amirkhani was with McGrath during his trip, and also, they are making a documentary about it. Also, lol.

If you wish to fund Amirkhani’s wild journey to the far reaches of human experience, you can donate to the movie at IndieGoGo.

If you think there are no consequences to free love and recreational hallucinatory drug use, read The Electric Acid Kool-Aid Test.

And what about you Kill Screeners? Are there some games you particularly like to play when you are expanding your consciousnesses?