Playlist 12/11: Peggle 2 rekindles the flame, DataJack hacks inside, and Radial Runner (colorfully) infuriates

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You’ve seen these pegs before. You know the precise angle that will get the ball to jump off of that blue peg just so to tap that last orange peg. Mmm mm. That was a good time, but you’ve seen all of Peggle. Moved on, you say. Well let’s not be too hasty. Want different boards to do it on? Different powers, courtesy of the various Peggle Masters? Different classical epics to play whenever you get that last hit? Yeah, you do.

Perfect for: Peggle fans who had almost forgotten the sweet taste of Peggle

Playtime: Short amounts of time for a very long time



Remember Syndicate? DataJack does. DataJack knows the appeal of hacking, destroying, and taking missions of dubious morality, all for credits and upgrades. It calls back to the days of keyboard-and-mouse stealth action: typing away frenetically while your on-screen avatar does the same, and its on-screen avatar does the same, and its on-screen avatar does the same. Just don’t get lost in there.

Perfect for: Cyberpunks, creeps, replicants, spies

Playtime: A few hours, until the community builds more



If you have cultivated lightning fast thumbs capable of inhuman reaction times, you’re either a fighter pilot or really into twitch reflex games. Radial Runner is the latest addition to the burgeoning iOS twitch movement, and it doesn’t disappoint as far as slick aesthetics and rapidly flying colors goes. With only two options for movement (left, right), the concept is simple. Winning? That’s a completely different story.

Perfect for: The masochistic, Super Hexagon players who didn’t smash their iPhone, people who want to smash their iPhone

Playtime: Short, or until you smash your iPhone