Playlist 1/29: Paper Sorcerer dungeoneers, Rust teaches us survival, and DEIOS glitches out

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PC, Mac, Linux)


If you miss the good ol’ days of RPGs but simply don’t have the time to invest in another Wizardry, then Paper Sorcerer might be right up your alley. This sleek adventure ditches mindless grinding in favor of strategy. Take your time ransacking shelves and drawers, psych yourself up, and then walk into the next momentous battle. The sepia-toned dungeon may look papery, but the game’s systems are anything but.

Perfect for: Renegade spellcasters, D&Ders, getting lost in a book (literally)

Playtime: About 15 hours


PC, Mac, Linux)


Behind these doors, we’re safe. Out there we fight, we hunt, we gather resources. Outside, bears run rampant, players shoot each other on sight, and many new souls freeze to death, naked and alone. But we’ve built this house strong.  We’ve built it with our own hands; we can trust it as we trust each other. If you die, you may be reborn, but everything you ever owned will be lost to you. So may the gods guide you back to us. May it never come to that. May the metal doors of our house turn to rust before we face our mortality.

Perfect for: Bear Grylls-type survivors, ruthless home invaders, Martha Stewartesque crafters

Playtime: As long as your belly stays full and your blood keeps running warm




DEIOS bills itself as a “glitchventure,” and it looks the part: pixellated, beautiful, and uncanny. You play as a small cloaked figure who pieces together a gun from some 1024 possible. Your goal? Nothing less than to kill the gods. Things remain abstract, but notions of the nature of creation are batted around amidst all the synthesized beats and bullets. But the game’s lasting impression is as an interactive music video, its hectic gameplay working sublimely along the ambient electronic arrangements.

Perfect for: Fans of Sword & Sworcery EP, the blue screen of death, Nietzsche

Playtime: 90 minutes