Playlist 5/8: An infinite box of candy, the cleanest dot removal system, and a prehistoric puncher returns

Dots (iOS)

By Patrick Moberg/Betaworks

Get it here

This game starts with a Charles Eames quote so you know it’s high-class. The premise is austere and simple. Connect as many dots as you can in 60 seconds. Rinse. Repeat. But from the polished Scandinavian sheen to the effervescent sound design, Dots will be your favorite quickie puzzler for those too proud to play Bejeweled in public. (Pro-tip: It’s all about the squares!)

Perfect for the Pantone color of the year planning committee,, the neat and orderly

Time to play: Sixty seconds on repeat for hours

Candy Box (browser)

Play it Here

By aniwey

A blank screen explains, “You have 0 candies!” A second later you have one candy, two candies, ten candies. You throw some on the ground. Everything is numbers and letters. You walk away, forgetting such nonsense. You return. Now you have 1000 candies. You can buy a sword. You can go on quests. This is Candy Box. This is your new obsession.

Perfect for Sweet tooths, ASCII artists, easily-distracted nine-to-fivers

Time to play: One entire workday. We recommend keeping a tab open to hide from your boss.

Zeno Clash 2 (

PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

See it Here

by ACE Team

A first-person beat-em up from a team of Chileans, Zeno Clash 2 is what every shooter would look like if fisticuffs were preferable to target practice: a knuckle-cracking, left hook-throwing beat down that involves delivering uppercuts to salient crabs and the undead. In other words, play this thing.

Perfect for antigun activists, Jet Li daydreamers, those who know God Hand is amazing

Time to Play: 8 hours