Playlist 7/9: Drop hot beats, slide on that rear, or BATTLE.

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Are you secretly a musical genius, minus the ability to, you know, play music? Patatap might convince you. It turns your phone or tablet into an instrument, which we all know is easy enough to strum away on. Created as a simulation of synesthesia, each sound blossoms into a symphony of minimalist pastel visuals. Talk about feeling the music.

Perfect for: Guitar-puller-outers looking for a new trick, anyone who read A Mango Shaped Space

Playtime: As long as the muse moves you.



With fire-trailing butt-slides, a large belly only partially covered by a stretched white T-shirt and a maniacal smile, Action Henk is about going fast and looking good while doing it. Back in the day, heroic action figure Action Henk used to be the fastest toy around, and now he’s back to reclaim his title from those newer toys that think they can butt-slide better than the master. Embrace your inner child and enjoy courses made of building blocks, racecar tracks and, of course, rockets.

Perfect for: People who would like Mario Kart without the cheap items, or those (still) craving a good Sonic game

Playtime: A few minutes per course.



At last, Nidhogg has come to Mac. Sword-fighting in games often lacks the finesse of two skilled fencers crossing rapier and épée. Nidhogg gets the best of the both worlds, letting you choose between reclaiming the art of the duel or just throwing your sword at your opponent and going in dive-kicking. Combining the swordplay with race-to-the-edge platforming makes for tense matches in which the winner gains not immortal victory but the honor of being eaten by a giant flying worm.

Perfect for: Fencers, football fans, fishermen who enjoy irony

Playtime: A couple frantic minutes at a time.