Saints Row 4 goes dumbstep, Gone Home takes us back, and Hate Plus’ transhumanist cosplay

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Saint’s Row 4 

By Volition

Put simply, Saints Row 4 is a good time. The car crashes are of little consequence. Your leaps and bounds are fast and fluid. Hijacking a garbage truck carries no moral baggage. The reggie be jammin’. And the dubstep gun runs this. Just try not to think, or you’ll get aneurisms.

Read Jason Johnson’s full review here.

Perfect for: Heroic hooligans, dub warriors, remedying those L.A. doldrums

Time to play: An easy 20 hours.

for Xbox 360Playstation 3Windows

Gone Home

By The Fullbright Company

Where many games ask you to travel across gargantuan worlds or save entire galaxies, Gone Home recognizes the brutal power of a single empty building. What happens when you enter a house and, instead of your family, you find everything but? The Fulbright Company has delivered a creepy, absorbing modern day fairy tale. No breadcrumbs allowed.

Read Lyndsey Edelman’s full review here.

Perfect for: Writers of This Old House fan-fic, domestic voyeurism, reminding you to call Mom

Time to play: 2-3 hours.

for Windows, Mac, Linux

Hate Plus 

By Christine Love

I’ve always thought that cosplay and cake-baking are the cornerstones of a happy life. That’s just what Hate Plus, a sequel to Analogue: A Hate Story, brings to the table. If you’re into sweets, patriarchal critique, manhwa-esqe AI, and the tensions of modern technology, then you should probably check out this space-age mystery.

Perfect for: transhumanist cosplayers, artificial intelligence, and sweet tooths

Time to play: A few days.

for Windows, Mac, Linux