Playlist 8/7: Rymdkapsel battles with clean lines, Dropchord thumps, and Pixel Defenders Puzzle matches wits with fantasy

Rymdkapsel (iOSAndroid, PS Vita)

by Martin Jonasson

Rymdkapsel means “space capsule,” but what we really need is a long Swedish word for altruism among Tetris blocks. This strategy game will send pangs of regret to your heart as you accidentally sacrifice tiny loyal quadrilaterals for the good of the hyperdrive. In moments of low morale, remember: we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

Perfect for: Swedish design bloggers, Edgar Froese jams, bringing to mind Winston Churchill quotes.

Time to play: about 2.5 hours.

Dropchord (iOS, Android, OUYA)

by Double-Fine Productions

You are on top of an orange glowing ball trilling with light. You wave your hands to connect the good dots and avoid the bad dots. You’re nodding to the colors that are moving to the base. This is either a flashback to that club at South Beach, or you’re playing Dropchord. Either way works!

Perfect fora long night club line, iPad DJs, house parties.

Time to play: a few mojitos. 

Pixel Defenders Puzzle (iOS, Android)

by Gary Whittle

Finding Candy Crush Saga a little…repetitive? Pixel Defenders Puzzle is a unique spin on the match-3 game (à la Bejeweled and CCS) that spices up its puzzles with some good ol’ tactical RPG combat. The old-school pixel art is great, and you’ll love watching your measly archers transform into anachronistically badass snipers. And the other great thing? It’s not that easy.

Perfect for: Fire Emblem enthusiasts, bored exorcists, those friends of yours who “enjoy” helping you move boxes.

Time to play: many heures