Playlist 9/19: MirrorMoon EP explores the vast reaches, I Am Color is (appropriately) colorful, and Superhot brings Borges to life

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by Santa Ragione

From the folks who brought you Fotonica, this space-puzzler defies description. Encryption seems more relevant, as each new planet feels like a code to crack. Little is explained. Instead, satisfaction comes from pushing forward through this alien landscape and discovering how to move on. Each step you take is a new frontier. Pay attention and you might find a new world. Or at least name one.

Perfect for: first-person spacewalkers, werewolves with a Steam account, Duncan Jones

Time to play: a few hours


by Superhot Blue Brick

Though the details evade us, there is a Borges story about a man who is brought before the firing squad. An odd thing happens. An infinity passes between the shots being fired and the time he dies. Superhot is that idea brought to shooters, a brilliant game with security guards who shoot to kill in metaphysical bullet-time.

Perfect for: color-blind commandos, stopping to smell the gunpowder, Portal in reverse

Time to play: a lunch break


by Smiling Bag 

I Am Level asks you to forgive a lot: The garish color hues, the translucent bear-head for a character. But stick around and you’ll find an elegant mix of pinball mechanics with platforming puzzles. If you drank up died-in-the-wool retro games like VVVVVV orWizorb, Stew Hogarth’s latest concoction will whet your thirst.

Perfect for: getting that 1986-era fix, ZX Spectrum owners, Steve Richie

Playtime: 10-20 minutes