Playlist: an elusive meditation on gender and intimacy

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At first glance, Plug & Play is a game about binary opposites. The screen flicks between black and white, and the primary actors are male and female plugs and sockets, but from there things get complicated. Plug-headed, finger-limbed humanoids plug into other plugs, or absorb their prongs and become sockets. Connections that are made are fleeting, and far from tender. The plugs and sockets drop onto the screen hopefully, looking for a partner, but the tiny finger people that populate Plug & Play find no great epiphanies, and are instead left mostly in the dark. It’s a quiet reflection on intimacy, no less moving for its lack of easy answers.

Perfect for: The lonely, the needy, those who are interested in Swiss Animation

Playtime: Five minutes, or until Godot shows up