Playlist: the papercraft classic Yet It Moves comes to iOS

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You might call Yet It Moves a sidescroller, but that would be doing the game a grand disservice. Yes, you can only work in two dimensions, but you’re going to do a lot more with them than you usually do. In Yet It Moves, you play as a paper cutout of a guy just trying to get from A to B while wandering through a world that feels not a little bit like a dream sequence from a Michel Gondry film. To help your guy out, you’ll have to rotate his environment to solve puzzles and allow him to run, jump, slide, and sail over obstacles.

Though the game was released for PC back in 2009, it is only tomorrow being released for iOS. It’s as good an opportunity as any to tumble cap over keister along with your avatar while you try to keep from dropping your iPhone on the pavement.

Perfect for: People without inner ear trouble, gymnasts

Playtime: A few dizzy but enjoyable hours